Certified Translation Services USA

Translation Tower is a trusted agency that provides audio and video translation services. We work with various professionals from the audio and video production services like script writers, subtitle composers and others to interpret your data.

Our voice translation services include:

  • Voice over
  • Dubbing
  • Voice recording

Voice over – The master audio or video recording that you send to us is processed and encoded into different language versions. With the help of innovative computerized tools and voice-over artists, a flawlessly synchronized version of the video sequence is created. Voice-over is suitable for documentaries to illustrate a scene with a voice in the background.

Dubbing – Dubbing is required under the instances when subtitling doesn’t completely meet the requirements. It includes converting the spoken audio content into another language version. It is preferable over subtitling especially in markets where the targeted audience is children or individuals with lower general education. It helps the audience connect with the content in a better way.

Voice recording – In this process, the insertion of audio into a video is performed in a way to match with the original lip movements. The aim is to help the spectators better understand the content by creating an illusion of perfect sync between the video and the audio. A precise harmony of the voice and lip movements is required during voice recording.

Whether you want us to work on your documentaries, commercials, promotional videos or scripts, we will bring together our expertise and innovative tools to deliver you translated data according to your business needs. We are proud to possess a skillful team of artists, interpreters and translators in our language translation company to provide you highly efficient services. Our spoken language pros use certain tips and tricks to generate unblemished content to expand the business opportunities for our clients in the foreign markets.

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