transcription-servicesA process of conversion of words spoken by someone into text or electronic text document is known as Transcription. Here at Translation Tower, we provide transcription services along with translation services in various languages such as German, French etc. Transcription services related to business, legal and medical field are provided by us. These days the demand of transcription services is increasing day by day. It is beneficial especially for those people who keep on dealing with the people having other native languages. The advancement in technology acts as a catalyst for the fast and quick service of transcription process. One can get the words transcribed anytime and from anywhere. Technology plays a very important role and the person who is going to transcribe your sound is not even present nearby you. One can record the sound and send it to the transcriber and he/she will get a transcribed document without going anywhere.

Transcription is typically of two types:

Dictating Typing: In this method one person is the dictator and the other is the person who transcribes his words into text either by writing or making a word file in computer.

Interview transcription: It is a method in which two or more people are involved and their discussion is transcribed into words by the transcriber. It is the best method to keep track of the important points being discussed in an interview. It is more beneficial to have a written copy of the discussion rather than having a recording, so that you won’t have to hear it again and again to extract the important points.

Translation Tower is known to work within the deadlines given by their clients. We are very particular about timings and delivery. One can avail our promising services at very affordable prices. Our charges are very nominal and work is really impressive and this is one of the main reasons why we have a big clientele.

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