With the huge amount of games being released daily, the localization process is rapidly increasing. Game localization Service means to translate the video games for different territory peoples according to language, culture and need. This process takes a lot of time and involves various stages. Initially the process starts with translation of title and descriptions into local language version without effecting tone and sense. This is the most important stage and takes comparatively more time. Graphical image texts, scripts and tutorials are then translated followed by voice story dialogues and recording. The whole game translation service process also undergoes some other challenges like hardware & software issues, music, file formats and cultural requirements.

Translation is not as easy as re-recording or re-writing the text or script. It’s about translating, editing, recording, debugging, reprogramming and reviewing to give the same graphical effects and tone. Translation tower is one of the renowned companies in USA offering topmost gaming localization services. Our objective is to emphasize more on script and description translation.  We have the team of professionals who have well experience in gaming industry. We work on special characters more effectively and try to make the game features related to the particular regions. Give your game a perfect regional look with http://www.translationtower.com. We also provide the legal, the mobile game and the financial transformation services etc.

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