Game Localization ServicesTranslation Tower serves your requirement of translating all types of games at an international level offering topmost gaming translation services. Game localization is a term being widely used for the translation of game descriptions and scripts for the localities of a particular region. The Translation Tower is one of the best Translation companies in USA.  We provide optimum technical translation services for translating the games in America.


Our key features include:

  • Team of experienced professionals who are well versed with the gaming industry and understand the gaming concepts & lingo’s used in gaming.
  • Translation of game in accordance with language & cultural references to make it more appealing for the receiving locale.
  • Both audio and visual translations are emphasized while translating the game scripts & description.
  • Hardware and Software modifications as per requirement of different modules on various stages of games translation and re-mapping the hot-keys accordingly.
  • Translation of games from all aspects i.e. textual types and file formats, which may include: dialogue for dubbing, dialogues for subtitling, user interface, graphic art with word.
  • Emphasize on the special characters in the game i.e. the identification of the superhero in the game, it should resemble the avatar of a particular region and also the offenders should resemble.
  • Best services which are legally acceptable in terms of age ratings which vary according to the countries where the product is to be marketed.

Our highly qualified experts have direct interaction with clients while writing game scripts. Here at Translation Tower, our main objective is to lay stress on the game script translation as well as game description translation.  Translation Tower offers games translation services which are best in quality, ideal and incomparable. There are many games developed in different countries but due to language constraints they cannot be released in every country, which is a drawback for the gaming industry. Using our translation services the production companies can overcome this drawback and fulfill their requirement of releasing games in other countries which would be beneficial for their business.

Along with games translation services, Translation Tower boosts many more related services like, the legal translation services, the mobile game translation services, the financial translation services etc., to clients and satisfying their requirements using appropriate ways for meeting their business demands. Translation Tower provides services at highly competitive rates affordable by everyone.


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