English To Thai Translation Service“I really like working with Translation Tower Language Services because they work hard to get the job done and I didn’t need to worry or even notice the time difference between me and the manager involved (12 hours). The time difference is something hard to overcome usually for international business, but the manager has adjusted it for me and I have been able to communicate with him almost always. It has helped me a lot from the communication perspective.”

Owner, GlobaLinker

“We are a fast-growing mobile accessories manufacturer and we were looking for a reliable and reasonably priced agency to translate our website into 7 languages. We have requested a quotation from dozens on other agencies, but their prices were terribly high. But in the end we were lucky to find “Translation Tower”. We have to mention that they have managed to hand the translations over in few days, which is amazing because it was a 5500-word work. Moreover, we had to change the delivery format TWICE and the manager successfully arranged that with no single complain. As to the quality of translation, we have received only positive feedback from our native-speaking customers. They told us that the translators managed not only to convey the message we are sending in English, but they have done almost impossible – they conveyed the spirit of our company, it’s freshness and joyfulness. Great agency! You have got a loyal and grateful customer in our company.”

Leef Customer Care

“Translation Tower has provided excellent translations in German, Spanish, and French. They are 100% dependable and have excellent turnaround time on anything I send.”

– Adam Eberling, Owner/President of Generation Web

“Translation Tower did a fantastic job translating my Ebook to 3 languages. They were very professional as well as efficient and timely. I will definitely recommend them to anyone needing translations. Will be using their services again.”

-Jennifer Stepanik, Owner of Republic of Skin Business

“Jetlee managed translations in German, Indonesian, Filipino, French and Spanish. Like always: Fast and Great work! I will definitely continue working with him due to this good work.”

-Lukas Anger, A.N.G.E.R. LTD

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